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Bright Eyes Fans unite
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OK. about this community. I ran across an Anti Conor Oberst community that broke my heart. it really did. I think that guy is pure genius, and in both Desaparacidos and Bright eyes, as well as the short lived Commander Venus, he really touched a nerve. I still cry everytime i hear A Perfect Sonnet. So i was all set on making this community, to out populate the 23 Conor Haters!

A few rules and random requests:

1. please be into mature music and express mature opinions. No good charlotte or avril lavigne or new found glory unless you spell it with an A...i'm sorry, little emo girls just annoy me.

2. Quite obviously, you must love Conor Oberst. You don't have to have embraced every aspect of whatever you want to label it, just this one guy. Just his few bands. Everyone from every scene is welcome. almost. (See above rule)

3. Please be nice. Please. Everyone is gonna say something you disagree with. I've seen rating communities. its stuck up and un-pretty. This is NOT made to be like that.

4. If you state something that is completely and totally untrue we can laugh at you.

5. Post an intro post within 3 or 4 days of joining the community. After that, you can post whatever you want, really. Off topic is ok, as long as its fun. If you are posting large pictures, long entries, etc, just put it behind a lj cut to make life easy.

Thats all for now i suppose. I'm new at making communities, so please be patient and nice...if you need anything you can

IM me on AOL : purple x rage

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