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Bright Eyes Fans unite

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Bright Eyes Icons [27 Jun 2007|07:46pm]

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x11 Bright Eyes

If you like this band, check out my other icons here.
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[12 Oct 2006|04:50am]


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[30 Sep 2006|10:27pm]

Bright Eyes rules the world, we should make Conor Oberst the king.
The best song by him is, in my opinion, Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh...or We Are Nowhere And It's Now....but that's debatable, I know. Anyways, if there is anybody out there, let me know what you think. Which is the best Bright Eyes song?
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[02 Aug 2005|07:53pm]

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[13 Mar 2005|03:53pm]

where'd everyone go? for the love of conor where have you guys gone? lol, i'm new to the whole community concept so forgive me if i screw up somehow...
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[23 Jun 2004|07:28pm]

has anyone else noticed that any time you type 'conor oberst' into google.com you get an exceedingly large amount of porn sites come up? now i haven't been around for a long time but it seems to me that any time you put any OTHER artist in google it comes up more about the band then about 'naked pics of 37 yo slut-house-wives'.
not, i'm not being prejuduce to any slut-house-wives that may be readin this, but leave conor alone!! he's ours, we had him firt you and yr dirrty.....insect porn?
ok, when i see insect porn after typing in 'conor oberst' i feel i may be walking over to the ledge of sanity/realistic and spitting over it.....but please make it stop, its driving me mad.
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[24 May 2004|01:18am]

Please join my new community emo_is_sexxie PLEASE!
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a million apologies [09 May 2004|03:10pm]

I'm so sorry this community seems to be dying slowly :(. I just don't have the time to update as consistantly as i'd like or plug the community to help it grow. If any of you guys would like to take it over, i'd be more than happy to give it to you. well...as long as I like you ;)

my email is wildflowerzkmm@yahoo.com if anyone is interested.
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[04 Apr 2004|10:42am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

please go to my new site.. its new so its kind of shitty but hopefully i will be upgrading it soon..


hopefully you will see somthing you like

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[29 Mar 2004|10:48pm]

hey, does this community still exist or what?
i hope so because you all seem so down to earth, and non-elitist.
anyway, i'm katie. i'm a 20 year old college kid from indiana. i've been a bright eyes fan since i was about 17. talk to me sometime. i'm a nice kid.

here's a picture for your viewing enjoyment:

don't let this community die, please!
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hello [09 Feb 2004|06:24pm]

i don't know if anyone needs one, but i have an extra bright eyes ticket for the providence show at lupos.
i'm selling it here:
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New Here =) [03 Feb 2004|07:12pm]

[ mood | creative ]

::waves:: hi, i'm elena =) just wanted to say that Mr. Oberst is pure genius and not to mention lush too. hehe.. i'm looking for some friends too if anyone wants one <3

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where my niggas at?!!?!? [22 Jan 2004|12:44pm]

[ mood | blank ]

yellow i havent posted in here yet but conor is above and beyond amazing!!!!

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[18 Dec 2003|05:37pm]
[ mood | sad ]

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<fontface=veranda> I am loving Bright Eyes and all of you. :D
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Newbie. [14 Dec 2003|01:56pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi. I'm new here. My name is Samantha. I only know one person here, which is Colleen. (readthereveiws) I like Bright Eyes. A lot. I guess there isn't really that much to say. :)

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[13 Dec 2003|10:30pm]

hi, i have a task. for being all such creative people i ask each of you to write a haiku. 5-7-5 rule. thanks, lets see some action.
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[04 Dec 2003|10:10pm]

hey kids, go try out for emo_indie_core
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Want FREE shit? Become a Pinhead [02 Dec 2003|02:03pm]

Pinhead Propaganda is a movement, a collective that creates music, shows and theme parties for all ages.Pinhead events are the alternative to overpriced mainstream events promoted by mega- corporations. Pinhead is one big community where musicians, artists, fans and friends all come together to create beautiful noise and chaos. Pinhead shows are about energy. a balance of chaos and creativity. Pinheads unite!

Join the movement! Fill out this short music survey and we'll PERIODICALLY email you with schedules of upcoming shows. And as a gift, we'll send you FREE CDs and videos featuring cutting-edge new music, FREE tickets and discounts to upcoming shows in your area and we'll mail you a link to legally download free music. NO POSTAGE REQUIRED. joining is absolutely free. TO JOIN, SIMPLY COPY, PASTE AND FILL OUT THIS SHORT MUSIC SURVEY AND EMAIL IT TO: WhenTheCuriousGirl@hotmail.com

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2) Who is your favorite national band?/ Who is your favorite LOCAL band?

3)First Name, last name. Male or Female? Date of Birth?

4) Street Address, City, State, Zip Code.

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EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO WhenTheCuriousGirl@hotmail.com

Watch for your free gift. It will say Pinhead Propaganda on the envelope.
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just probing for a sign of life [22 Nov 2003|03:53pm]

all Conor fans still alive in this community...say aye!
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[05 Nov 2003|09:48pm]

people don't post here too much. including myself. heh. here's a pic. enjoy.
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